How Do I get Visitors, Traffic, to my Blog?
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How Do I get Visitors, Traffic, to my Blog?

Solution There are two main ways to bring people.
The first is limited
the second Unlimited.

First - is your guaranteed INSTANT subscribers.
As your time permits - You can activate the mail sending - which is the ones you are reading and Your Blog post is sent to your Guaranteed instant Subscribers.
I say this is limited as this provides you with a set number of people who know about your post - at set intervals.
Free members Send to 200 Subscribers every 7 days
Gold members send to 1000 Subscribers every 4 days
Elite Members send to 3000 Subscribers every 3 days.
Founding Members send to All (currently over 12000) every 3 days.
So that is method one...

Method two is literally unlimited.
And that is driving traffic to your blog using techniques.

I cover off many of these - including the Twitter and Facebook links in the tutorials.
you can access the tutorials here
(this is VERY different information from the User manual)

You can use these techniques hundreds of ties per day.
So there is no limit on the traffic.

I hope that helps.

Great to have you with us.

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